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Dr Christine Ahern

Director of Training

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I grew up in Adelaide in the 60s and 70s during the premiership of Don Dunstan, who, in a relatively short time, managed to turn the previously conservative Adelaide establishment on its head.

My education was largely informed by the Mercy nuns (as seen on the Brides of Christ) and the result is a lapsed catholic feminist with a strong sense of social justice. A short stint as an RMO in South Africa in the early '80s only served to strengthen this position.

I studied medicine at Adelaide University and feel grateful for the excellent teaching and mentoring I received and the fact that Uni was free in the seventies!

My interest in education is driven by a love of teaching and the conviction that with the proper training as a registrar I would have been a far more confident GP.

My interest and expertise is largely in Women's Health and Indigenous Health.

I like to practice “extreme” yoga – only joking but sometimes it feels like it !

And have been known to jump out of planes – but only when connected to another person and a reliable parachute.


Dr Christine Ahern