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Why General Practice?

If flexibility, lifestyle, choosing your own hours and making a real difference to people’s lives sounds good to you, then you’ve come to the right place.  

We believe in letting the people who are actually doing it do the talking. Click on the film clip opposite to hear it from our registrars. 

NCGPT offers an excellent training program in an amazing location with a unique support program.

As a registrar with NCGPT the world is your oyster when it comes to the range of professional opportunities during and after you complete your training.   To give you an idea of the possibilities, here are some of  the options NCGPT registrars have pursued:

  • Academic terms: with approval and funding through GPET you could undertake an academic term to research a topic or area of interest to you.
  • Royal Flying Doctors:  Looking for a real adventure? One of our registrars signed up for 12 months with RFDS in Broken Hill,
  • Trainee ME:  Interested in teaching? NCGPT is always on the lookout for new and passionate teachers. Under the mentorship of our MEs, several of our registrars have gone on to become MEs in their own right,
  • GPET’s Registrar Research and Development Officer (RRADO):  Want to help promote research within general practice?  In 2009, an NCGPT registrar became GPET’s RRADO and did just that,
  • Medicins Sans Frontiers: One of our registrars took a year off the program to volunteer with MSF in Africa. Such an incredible experience she is planning to go again,
  • Doctors for Camp Quality: A couple of our registrars have volunteered their time with Camp Quality and have been rewarded by the experience,
  • Expedition Medicine: Can’t get enough of the great outdoors?  We’ve assisted registrars to participate General Practice Training Tasmania’s “Expedition Medicine” training,
  • Board Members: Have an interest in corporate governance and making a difference to GP training?  Several of our registrars have become directors on the NCGPT board and have made a big difference by advocating for our registrars.  

These are a just a sample of the amazing opportunities and experiences that you can access as registrar with NCGPT. Whatever your passion and interests, the NCGPT team will help you achieve your goals. Where would you like to take your career?

Here are some reasons why some of our registrars and medical educators (experienced GPs) chose general practice over other specialties.

Registrars and experienced GPs tell us why they chose general practice:

  • "In GP you get to treat the whole patient and understand them in the context of the community"
  • "It's an incredible lifestyle choice"
  • "A career in GP gives you flexibility : the ability to work almost anywhere in Australia for as many hours as you choose and being able to combine it with your own special clinical interests"
  • "You can incorporate personal interests through your general practice training. My academic term has allowed me to further explore an interest in the film making process, and I have used the day to day experiences of life as a GP to explore the creative writing process"
  • "Things are kept very interesting through a variety of patients and cases"
  • "GP allows good continuation of care allowing the development of strong patient – doctor relationship and rapport"
  • "Large scope of medicine practised in GP"
  • "I got a chance to practice preventative medicine"
  • "I loved the opportunity to develop relationships over time with own patients"
  • "GP has given me the privilege of hearing the amazing and colourful diversity of life experiences from my patients"
  • "GP allows you to treat different generations within one family allowing for a holistic approach when caring for patients"
  • "The flexibility of my work life allows me to have a great work-life balance, and I'm sure this balance makes me a better doctor in the long run"
  • "In GP you work mostly in the daytime"
  • "GP means few (if any) weekends working"
  • "The actual work itself means you are sitting so no sore legs/back"
  • "You get a lunch break!"
  • "Regular hours make it so much easier to manage a family"
  • "It is amazing to see the range of issues. Consultations vary from skin to mental health to surgical to paeds; and that can be four consecutive consultations!"
  • "The training is relatively short"
  • "3 day weekends"
  • "No hospital hierarchy"
  • "Having a good yarn with patients... and get paid for it!"
  • B e my own boss
    A llows me to practice the type of medicine I want to
    L ifestyle choices
    A lways challenging!
    N ever boring
    C ommunity involvement
    E conomically rewarding.


Why General Practice - Doctor with Pregnant Patient and Boy

Why General Practice - Doctor and Baby